Department of Social Work:

St-Xavier's College is a pioneer of Social Work in Nepal. St. Xavier's college academically initiated the education of Social Work for the first time in the history of Nepal. The curriculum of Social Work has been designed in such a way that the students are provided the broader area of knowledge related to human nature and society provided that courses regarding administration are not ignored. The curriculum of Social Work includes field work under which each and every student are sent to a particular organization working with the existing social problems of Nepal where they get an opportunity to practice Social Work in the real field. Our students are going to 60 different agencies for their fieldwork practice.
The activities of Social Work Department (2013/2014) are briefed below:
Social Work Annual Camps:
Like every year, the students of Bachelors in Social Work and Masters in Social Work of St. Xavier's college went for their social work camp (rural and urban). This academic camp attempts to provide an exposure to the students of social work by visiting different places of our country wherethey can utilize their opportunity to realize the needs of people of urban and rural lifestyle in an experimental way. This year the students of different levels went to Godawari, Palpa, Jhapa and Kapilvastu for their camps.

Seminars on:
• Spirituality and Social Work
• Human Rights and Social Work
• Correctional Setting and Social Work
• Road Traffic and Role of Social Worker
• Environment and Role of Social Worker
• Clinical Social Work
• Seminar on Child Rights

Partnership In Education (PIE)
St. Xavier's college has been running a program called PARTNERSHIP IN EDUCATION (PIE) with an objective to assist the children frommarginalized and vulnerable slum community and children of other needy peoples. PIE has been providing its service on education and extra-curricular activities for more than 300 children everyday, from 6:15AM- 7:45AM.

Project EDU-CARE:
St. Xavier's College, in cooperation with the Italian NGO AiBi (Amici dei Bambini), the Social Work Institute (SWI) and the Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB), aims to build the capacity and strengthening the profession of the Social Worker. Within the framework of the project 'EDU-CARE: Social operators active in the protection of the childhood and in the promotion of the children's rights', two different but complementary specialization courses will be activated by the St. Xavier's College and the Social Work Institute (SWI), which are intended to training-service social workers, operators and fresh graduates in the field of child rights and child protection, and equipping them with professional skills and competencies.

September 2019

College time:

9:15 A.M. - 3:30P.M